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Welcome to Margitta's Woodwind Workshop

Certified in 1984 as a Woodwind Instrument Maker in Munich, Germany (Handwerkskammer/Oberbayern : Meisterbrief, Masterpiece: Bassflute in C) Margitta Sandl offers expert and personal service to the Victoria, West Coast British Columbia and beyond woodwind music scene.

Serving amateur musicians to professionals, Margitta's Woodwind Workshop provides repair and maintenance services for all kinds of woodwind intruments, specializing in flutes: restorations, overhauls, key alterations, adjustments, etc.


Margitta in her Workshop on Saltspring Island

Margitta in her workshop on Saltspring Island.

Margitta playing her masterpiece: bassflute in C

Margitta Sandl playing her masterpiece, bassflute in C, 1984



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